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The Ganges is revered in India as the mother of the nation, and it is believed that all rivers ow from her. us, travelling on the waterways o ers a passage into the mythology, history and culture of this deeply spiritual and vastly layered country.


Achingly beautiful and awe inspiring, India’s sacred river is once again the venue for pleasure cruising.

The sun has just risen and I’m heading for a yoga class on the observation deck. Sprinkled among the exquisite furniture populating this open deck, yoga mats lie in wait, though many passengers are unwilling to peel themselves from their lavish suites...


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Cruise Weekly

Away from the much-visited and crowded major sites of India, Kerala remains a rather unknown and less-visited area. Rich in microcosms of Indian history and culture, Kerala is a true treasure. Bustling towns, colorful markets, diversified ethnic groups, mythological religions and temples, and a multilayered past of Arab, Portuguese, British, and Dutch influences make up this special place. Its life dates back thousands of years, with connections to a small Jewish community when, during King Solomon’s reign over 2000 years ago, large-scale trade took place between the Middle East and the Malabar Coast....

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Sunday Herald Travel

Houseboats are no longer a Kashmiri speciality. Kerala has been offering those for some years now. However, unlike the Kashmiri ones, the Kerala coun- terparts offer trips around their famous backwaters that are fed by numerous rivers...

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